Sculpture and Art by Raul Lopez Pomares | Organic shapes in functional Art
Raul Lopez Pomares | Organic Sculptures
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My aim is to bridge the gap between reality and the world my mind defaults back to on automatic.

Rather than making "things" to hang on a wall and be forgotten, pieces whose only intent is to be admired I create pieces that can, and in fact should be used. In this way the work allows the owner to immerse him/herself in that world and interact with art rather than observe it.

My name is Raul Lopez Pomares
I was born in Spain and raised in Miami, studied graphic design and electronic intermedia at new world school of the arts and have spent my entire life making art one way or another.

If you have any questions about my work or upcoming shows, or are interesting in exhibiting my work please contact me at

or call me at 786.356.4743



Did I mention I have a
beautiful muse?






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